Other: Use this button
to make other donations
or payments such as
partial dues, banquet
tickets, beautillion
tickets, etc.

Please be sure to enter a
description in Paypal to
let us know who the
payment is from and what
it is for.
Financial Brothers
Chapter Dues:
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Non-Financial Brothers
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Lifetime Brother
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Our KOF also accepts payments via CashApp at $QLLKOF. This method can be used to purchase
tickets to chapter events, to sell tickets and receive donations. Simply put a note on the
transaction to tell what it is for.

*Any payments made via Paypal will incur a fee. Any fees are considered a "convenience fee" and
is theresponsibility of the payer. Please be sure to accept any fees for using this payment method.

**To avoid any fees for any payments please contact a chapter brother to pay in-person or via an
alternate method.